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The letter ( ص )

Empower language and cultural skills with our interactive lesson! From listening and dialogue to recognizing and writing the Arabic letter (ص), explore comprehensive language learning with the fascinating world of the falcon.



    At the end of this lesson the learner will be able to:

    1. Familiarize students with Arabic spoken language.
    2. Get to know the falcon.
    3. Enrich student’s culture and linguistic repertoires.
    4. Visually recognize the different shapes of the letter (ص) in the word.
    5. Audio-visually recognize the short sounds of the letter (ص) and its proper pronunciation.
    6. Audio-visually recognize the long sounds of the letter (ص) and its proper pronunciation.
    7. Write the letter (ص) in its various forms.
    8. Spell and reorganize the letters of a word.
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